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Kangxi one side looking at, one noodles facial expression is gradually dignified, and at last and fiercely station says:"Order a quick horse to come to report letter everyday!"The outside kneels of non-commissioned officer, the loudness is in response to the way:"Zha!"The Ke finishes a head and turns round to run but go to quickly.Kangxi sinks a voice to say after sitting down:"Spread an aim!"Li De's whole favour kneels down."18 emperor the son Yin m disease is heavy, three prepare to return to city in the days to come."Again immediately after way:"I want to see over melon Er of Su good."Once Li De's whole body tremble, after kowtowing Emilio pucci outlet online to get an aim, in a hurry but go.

The maid-in-waiting eunuches been on Emilio pucci outlet online duty inside the debt all the atmosphere don't dare to breathe heavily ground quiet sign.My in the mind is trembling, Emilio pucci outlet online although know a result, can affair how develop on the detail but is a nod a clue to also have no.Tried very hard to think along Emilio pucci outlet online while but don't recall at 1:00 relevant 18 elder brother of any affair.Have to remind oneself the whole caution.

Very not easy cook to change shifts of duty, just discover oneself unexpectedly have been standing a move don't move, now start to walk road to come to whole body still stiff.Kangxi receives Mongolia Wang Ye Su when the over melon Er is good have already explained to return to city in advance, mongols the day after Karen millen dresses tomorrow walk and also start tidying up thing.All the way, surroundings although person's bearer goes toward, is busy in preparing travelling bag,all press voice, all have no the jollification several Emilio pucci outlet online days ago.I go toward back to walk quietly, think how to quickly chase things all whole like.

Want to be on duty again, and then want to tidy up thing.But probably tell again and again oneself to must not serve oejsdnkj as what mistake in this time, so although is very tired, but the spirit is O.K..The second day evening is letting a few eunuch caution wrap up container, suddenly listen to abuzz voice in the distance, don't know occurrence what affair, a side stays heart, a side continues favour to begin a living of head.

Led a short while, the abuzz voice had no, and then resume previous calmness, I also have no Emilio pucci outlet online again reason, until have all containers wrapped up after, and then place appropriate, this just return to tent.

On entering a tent, jade Tan the complexion seriously faced to come up and pulled I sit properly, small track:"See appearance, the elder sister still doesn't know."My Zheng for a while, the favour listens attentively, " prince Ye rode Mongolia Wang Ye Emilio pucci outlet online into dedicate of resist a horse, lead the mongols made and said to is the horse of for the use of emperor that dedicates to the emperor, but was gone fetch by the prince to play, thus misdemeanor, look down upon him."I''of a , how thoughted of to forget this Chi?Is quite good, the good elephant has so one file sub- affair.