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I am never experienced to guess at riddle, so sees a light.And 13 and green Wu's also showing isn't worth looking at, not Herve leger dresses that interested in appearance, so 4 people just literally see all the Herve leger dresses Herve leger dresses way.

13 got us to arrive a wine shop, small two obviously Herve leger dresses once saw before 13, favour to look for was arranged us by the position of window to sit down, "treated will play lion Herve leger dresses dragon dance of led from the underneath, everyone sat to see here, since clearly and not crowded!"

Just 4 people's a side looking at person's bearer of underneath to go toward, a side jokes about and suddenly hears a voice saying:"13 elder brothers also at?"Once we turn head and see is 14 elder brother and a few youth Langs is standing at us after death.A few youth Langs are busy in giving 13 send greeting, but I with Qiao Hui again busy give 14 send greeting, momentary condition very is noisy!However 13 and 14 have never waited us to open mouth, put a hand, say:"All be dressed in casual wear, have no so many ruleses!"

The condition is some Herve leger dresses quiet, the green Wu stands the side head is by me looking at in addition to window, the Qiao Hui lowers the head to stand, I see premojrfn 13, and then see 14.2 people are all beaming with smiles, can this smiles to mean but greatly is dissimilarity, 13 is the appearance of a doesn't matter lazy ocean ocean, 14 although smile culturedly, the corner of mouth contains a cold idea of silk.14 see I see him, cold stared at my one eye.I on making a signal by pursing, lowly head.

Being standing is way with the youth of 41 per very thin:"Is not this a green Wu miss?"Green Wu this just turns to turn head and sees talk person's one eye, the air is Karen millen dresses light, didn't utter a word, lowly head.14 just notice at this time, the green Wu is a female kid, can not help conjecturing more two eyes.Green Wu from attend to lower the head, the air is cold, I stretched hand under the table to lightly hold her hand, Herve leger dresses she the side head see me, Herve leger dresses I dynasty once her purse one's lips smile and released her hand.

At this time a dumpy youth, the face takes to derisively say:"Be' the person isn't romantic to waste a youth" ah, 13 Yes are unexpectedly left to hug right embrace, greatly enjoy love affairs."He the words sound didn't fall, 13 faces had been cold to get up and hadn't in time gone into action.Hear 14 cold'hum' the voice say:"The wood of Cha Cha, your blah what?"The wood of Cha Cha obviously doesn't understand this'Ma Pi'how annoyed 14 Yes?Some Zhangs two monks could not touch brains, silly foolish over there.The person who side has already known me, wants to remind but already late.

I lowered the head purse one's lips to smile for a while, the title asked:"Are you to appreciate a light?Still keep appreciating a person?"Everyone this just respectively falls.